Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Realtor servicing Prescott and local surrounding areas in Yavapai County, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services.

I just want to tell you about our experience with Debbie. She not only was our buyers agent but also our sellers agent. She replied to my email when we started looking out of state (From Oregon). Right away we felt very comfortable with her. She answered all our questions for us. Our first time in Prescott we just had her give us areas to look at since we knew nothing about Arizona. We fell in love with Chino Valley. The following year we went back with the intentions to buy.  She showed us a home we felt was ours, bought it and one month later we were living in Arizona.  Debbie during this process was very thoughtful and helped us tremendously since we were newbies in Arizona real estate. Then when the COVID hit our children ( now all adults) wanted us back in Oregon in case something was to happen to one of us. So needless to say off we went again into the real estate market of selling our home. Debbie was our first choice of agents. Again she was so efficient in her job our home sold within 8 days. She knows her business and knows how to get all of the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Couldn’t ask for a better agent and hopefully friend. Thank you Debbie for helping Mark and I with both processes of buying and selling.
God bless you Mark and Terry Draheim, Chino Valley, AZ 


Debbie Huff is a rare commodity in today’s business world. I immediately sensed that she was most interested in learning what I desired in a home and helping me make my dream of living in Prescott a reality.  I began my search from my former home in Phoenix, searching out homes on the web and contacting Debbie when I found something of interest. Her response was always immediate and she was so accommodating.  I soon sensed she truly had my best interest at heart.  What a wonderful listener!  Debbie is knowledgeable, caring, and worked tirelessly to find me the perfect home.  She looked out for me and was so very kind. Never pushy.  When the sale closed I found that I had not just found a sterling example of integrity and professionalism, I had found someone I wanted as a friend.

Kathie Neal (Buyer), Prescott Valley, AZ



My home purchase in Prescott Az has been the best experience ever.  It had been many years since I had been a homeowner and I was very intimated at the thought of the whole process.  I was living out of town and my mother who lived here was being put into a nursing home. I had been on the search with various realtors  with no good results.  I finally met Debbie and she went above and beyond anything I could have expected to help me with my long distance search.  Working with her was great and she definitely had my best interest in mind.  She had no problem  meeting with me and kept me fully informed through the whole process. Working with her team on financing and escrow was great.  I felt as if they were good friends and very knowledgeable and professional through the complete process.  I definitely recommend Debbie and her team every chance I get. 

Melissa Allen (Buyer), Prescott, AZ



I recently met Debbie Huff while I was selling my home-by-owner. She contacted me with an interested party, and I Immediately was impressed with her exceptional communication skills. Even though she represented the buyers in the sale process, she was very reasonable and understanding of my needs in the negotiation and home sale process. She clearly demonstrated that she wanted this sale to benefit everyone involved! Debbie was very thorough in keeping me informed and on top of each step in the sale process. She competently took the lead from day one, and her contientous attention to every detail helped make this a smooth and easy sale. I always felt that I could trust Debbie to competently handle any issues and all parts of the sale from beginning to completion. I highly recommend Debbie Huff to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a home. She will provide you with top-notch realty service in a caring, diligent, and professional manner.

Michael Brown (Seller), Prescott, AZ



Debbie Huff went far beyond what one would expect of a real estate agent.  She was very sensitive to our needs and listens well.
She was not pushy!!  Debbie returned phone calls promptly and was adaptable to our schedule, as we did not live in the Prescott area at that time.  We loved the way she could show us homes in our price range and preferred location while looking at the big screen on the internet in her office.  That method saved us all a lot of leg work and time. From the time we first connected until we closed on our new second home which was less than 3 months, and  this was during the Holiday season,  we are very happy Wow!  In the 50 plus years we have been home owners, we have dealt with realtors in Washington State, Oregon, and Arizona. We have never encountered  anyone in this industry who was as cheerfully competent as Debbie Huff, and we would recommend her to anyone.

Dick and D Ossinger (Buyers), Prescott, AZ



When my husband and I began searching for our “feet first” home in Prescott, I contacted and met with several Realtors, explaining our specific requirements. The first telephone conversation I had with Debbie Huff convinced me that she was the perfect Realtor for us. Her knowledge and professionalism came through clearly in that call. She understood what we were looking for and didn’t waste our time showing properties not compatible with our search parameters. Working with Debbie through this sometimes protracted and frustrating process was a distinct pleasure. Debbie is truly dedicated to her profession and always made us feel like we were her most important client and finding our perfect home was her Number One priority. She kept us informed every step of the way even if there was nothing to report. We consider Debbie a friend as well as our realtor. We highly recommend Debbie Huff to anyone looking to buy a home in the Prescott area. 

Terry and Steve Bruckart, AZ  (Buyer)



It has been a real pleasure to work with Debbie Huff. She has been a friend as well as a Real Estate Agent. She is without a doubt a professional, working on behalf of her client 100%. With today’s overload of paperwork and rules to follow, Debbie has made the process not so fearful and complicated. My wife and I are very happy and we would recommend Debbie Huff to any of our friends or co-workers. 

Len & Debbie Fischer, AZ (Buyer)



We recently purchased a home from Debbie Huff. She is, without a doubt, the best realtor we have dealt with and we have bought and sold several homes. The house we purchased was a bank owned home so it required many more details that had to be addressed and they had to be just so or the bank would reject them. Not only did Debbie handle what she needed to but also took care of some things the seller’s realtor should have done. She kept in touch with us even if she didn’t have any new news. She would call and let us know that. She always made time for us anytime we asked. She was always truthful and caring. We highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

Jan & Jerry Simmons, Prescott Valley, AZ (Buyer)



We found Debbie Huff to be a very dedicated realtor.  She kept us informed with phone calls when we were in the process of selling our house.  She also had the patience to get us an opportunity to view a home when it was convenient for us.   She makes you feel very comfortable at all times like working with a friend but she is also very professional.  We would be very happy to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Ron & Camille Craven, AZ (Buyer & Seller)



Debbie Huff our Realtor, was an absolute marvel in the aid of our buying our home in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Her patience and understanding proved to be most valuable with the difficulties of getting the loan finalized. You can rest assured that any and all future real estate transactions I may have will be handled through Debbie Huff.

Dan & Tine Goodman, AZ (Buyer)



I had the good fortune of coming across Debbie Huff and having her as my selling agent in a situation that was otherwise a nightmare. I owned a second home in Lake Havasu which I had been trying to sell for literally years using  two different agents.  There were several mistakes made at their end and the house sat unshown and unsold.  Then one day I received a card in the mail from Debbie and called her.  Debbie’s level of professionalism, knowledge, integrity, skill, and communication was absolutely outstanding.  Unfortunately I did not find Debbie until things in the market started to get shaky.   Not once as the housing market fell apart did Debbie waver in her commitment to me or the process of getting my house sold.  Whenever there was an issue or something that needed following up on Debbie was on top of it.  I did end up doing a short sale as it was best for my personal situation; the process and things that came up during it was unbelievable.  Debbie was a rock star in handling it all.  Her follow up with the banks, buyer’s agent, my previous tenant and keeping me informed was impeccable.  On top of it all was her amazing attitude ~ this sale took quite a bit of her time to complete and we both knew that the check she was going to get if we got to the end was going to be minimal – it never seemed to matter to her; she was far more concerned about making the process work for me.  I always felt that my needs were Debbie’s number one priority.  I only wish I had found her sooner.  I highly recommend using Debbie as your agent, whether you are buying or selling, you have found a gem!! 

Diane Farkas,  AZ (Seller)



Working with Debbie was an absolute joy from the first phone call to the final walk-through, a process that took over two years!  We lived out of state at the beginning of our home search, a fact that complicated things immensely, but Debbie’s patience is without limits.  Even when we got discouraged, her determination, intelligence, and delightful sense of humor convinced us that our dream home was out there just waiting for us to find it.    And, of course, she was right!!  Thanks to all of Debbie’s efforts, we closed on our house in April!
If it were possible to create the perfect realtor, that creation would be named Debbie Huff.  Debbie works tirelessly and gives the ultimate in service; your goal becomes her goal.  She holds herself to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, keeps you well informed every step of the way, and somehow manages to make the entire experience a genuine pleasure!  Based on our personal involvement with several other realtors in the past, we would highly recommend Debbie Huff as the best of the best.  Choosing Debbie to be our realtor was one of our wisest decisions ever! 

Vicki Lucas, AZ (Buyer)



Expert in the industry, tireless worker and a committed professional who always places the clients’ needs first.  We’ve bought and sold several properties with different brokers and Debbie stands out as the best. 

Jeff & Jennifer Cisna, AZ (Buyer & Seller)



Choosing the right realtor is as important as choosing the right doctor or dentist.  You need to find a qualified professional whom you can trust.  When it came time to sell my parents’ home in Lake Havasu City, I chose Debbie Huff.  She was knowledgeable and hardworking.  She handled every aspect of the process, from prepping and listing the property through the close of the transaction. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie Huff to anyone considering buying or selling property in Lake Havasu City.  I had complete confidence that Debbie was the best person to represent my family.  She’s not afraid to work and she kept me informed every step of the way. 

Joseph Curran, AZ (Seller)



Debbie Huff is truly a gifted realtor.  We appreciated her consistent communication, knowledge of the market and her expertise.  The entire process was a pleasure from start to finish…her skill and efficiency made buying a house effortless.  We highly recommend this professional realtor for anyone who is in the market to buy a house.

Pete & Val Tarver, AZ (Buyer)



I found Debbie Huff to be very understanding and dedicated to her job. She continued to maintain contact with me as information was available.  She became a friend as well as my Realtor.  I would be very happy to recommended her to any possible clients.   When I met Debbie for the first time she was willing to work with me even though my situation was drab. Things became so bad for me that I did not believe anyone could help me. She continued to make things go smooth with potential buyers and banks. She never gave up.  I became very discouraged when my house did not sell right away. Debbie never gave up, she determined to make my dreams come true.  Choosing Debbie as my Realtor was the best decision I ever made.  Debbie makes you her number one priority and never lets you forget it.  I would recommend her to all potential clients. 

Paulinea Makres, AZ (Seller)